The life of a roofer: We twirl bolts, we work with a hammer, we have to tighten screws, we drill holes in the roofing foundation, we lug up heavy roofing materials, we have to deal with very hot summer days & slippery wet roofs. And most of all, we have to climb up those real tall ladders so you don't have to!

Go Green with Metal Roofing: There is not a single roofing material that meets all of the needs that metal does. Metal roofing is one of the best eco-friendly solutions available. And environmentally-friendly without compromising on curb appeal appearance or longevity.

Buying a new roof is a huge decision and we know you will be doing your research. Take time today to use this site. We have reviewed the general contractor that is in the roofing business to save you time. We have listed types of metal roofing so that you can better understand at the time of your roof estimate what type you may want to apply to your home or commercial building. If you like to learn more about applying a metal roof to your home visit our contact page and one roof contractor will email or phone you directly to answer your questions. Visit Delmara Metal Roofing for more information: Delmarva Metal Roofing

At the time of your estimate the roofing contractor will bring along photo's and/or sampling of different types of metal roofing.

If you like a flyer of roofing photos contact us and we will mail you a flyer. HOME

Types of Roof Products

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Hiring the right roof contractor

Types of Metal Roofing
Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum Roofing will never rust.


Galvalume Steel Roofing

The aluminum/zinc alloy provides barrier protection, as opposed to galvanic.


Galvanized Steel Roofing

It is lower cost than most other metals.


Other types of metal roofing


Copper Roofing

Cooper Roofing is most attractive.

shingle metal roof

Metal Shake and shingle roofing

A shingle is sawn on both sides and is thinner at the bottom than a shake.

Seam Metal Roof Installer

Standing Seam

Those types of metal roofs typically have panels that run vertically up the roof.

Metal Shakes

Metal Shakes

The ideal roofing solution for thousands of homeowners across Delaware.


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